Continental Dumpermaster


Radial Specialty Tire for Loaders and Dump Trucks in the Mining Industry.


  • Features ContiPressureCheck, continuous tire monitoring
  • Closed center blocks
  • Wide footprint
  • Chunky tread lugs
  • Tread groove design
  • Groove spacing
  • All Steel Radial carcass construction
  • Wide bead construction


  • Reduces tire related breakdowns and vehicle downtime to increase efficiency
  • For maximum protection against penetration of the crown
  • For long service life and comfortable ride
  • For high stability
  • High self-cleaning ability and good traction in muddy and loose ground conditions
  • For minimized stone trapping and reduced rock penetrations, tearing or cutting
  • Allows for high inflation pressure resulting in high load capacity
  • For optimized rim fit and drive torque transmission

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