Yokohama 114r


Commercial Truck/Bus. Trailer Position Medium Duty Radial Truck Tire for Regional-Haul and Pick-up Delivery Applications. SmartWay Verified.


  • High scrub tread compound
  • Rounded shoulder ribs
  • Optimized tread depth - up to 16/32"
  • Sturdy rib design
  • Funnel shaped step grooves


  • Formulated to resist cutting and chipping without producing a negative impact on fuel efficiency
  • Specifically designed to resist curb damage and help reduce wear, especially in tread axle applications
  • Delivers maximum fuel efficiency and long lasting service
  • Provides flawless tracking and improved fuel efficiency while minimizing tread wear
  • Prevent stones and other debris from reaching the bottom of the grooves where casing damage can occur

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